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When it comes to data security, XSOC CORP seeks to achieve successful relationships with value-add partners. Being able to collaborate and rely on trusted companies is crucial when it comes to cyber safety. At XSOC CORP, we work together to increase cyber security awareness, prevent devastating data breaches, and innovate with other cyber security experts within their organizations. 

XSOC CORP offers a lucrative partner program that recognizes, rewards, and supports you in helping increase partner revenue while expanding your own business and providing more solutions to your customers with our cutting-edge and futuristic technology. Together, we customize, meet, and exceed customers' data security needs to meet today's challenges of cyber threats with our industry-leading cryptography, encryption, and cryptosystem solutions.

With partners ranging from OEM, Systems Integrators, VAR, GSA, Carriers, Managed Service Providers, and Aligned Product Developers, our goal is to leverage mutually beneficial, customer-driven solutions. Our ideal customers fall into various markets that could be addressed by integrating your services, products, or consultation.

Our solutions work well in industries like:

  • Manufacturing

  • Federal/Military

  • Utilities

  • SLED

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Legal


  • Automotive​


Become a partner with XSOC CORP and gain the full benefits of joining the XSOC Team.

Our team of next-generation optimized cryptography thought leaders welcomes your participation.


  • Finance

  • Aerospace

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation/Supply Chain


  • Telecommunications

  • Systems Integrators

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