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Cyber security technology and online data protection in innovative perception . Concept of

Challenge - Video Streaming Communication

Web-based communication platform integrating webcam and voice.

  • Ability to Send/Receive data files of all types and sizes.

  • Supporting customers across an international network.

  • Secure all Video Data Transmission beyond AES

  • Data Files for Long-Term Storage in cloud

  • Top security of all content given customer base includes banking, retail, healthcare, government, law enforcement, and all commercial users.


XSOC Cryptosystem can be use to protect and encrypt all data in all forms from being targeted and attacked.

  • Encrypt Data-in-Motion

  • Web Video Camera Content

  • Data-at-Rest

  • Archival Cloud Storage

  • Zero-Trust from within Company and from Outside Attacks


Encrypted Web Video Camera Data in all forms

  • Transmitted with no latency impact, lightweight, and Quantum-Safe.

  • Greater Cyber Security has increased performance which reduces transmission/bandwidth costs

  • Increase customer base by promoting safe and secure results

EV Auto_edited.jpg

Challenge - Automotive / EV Cybersecurity


With the rapid roll-out of 5G wireless, many aspects of the Automotive / Electric Vehicles will be more connected than ever.

Existing autmotive vulnerabilities that could be mitigated using XSOC CORP technologies:

  • Servers

  • Key Entry Systems

  • Wireless Vehicle Access

  • Vehicle Info-Tainment Systems

  • Charging Stations

  • Charge Point Operators (CPO)

  • Distribution system Operators (DSO)


Delivering secure distributed data. Increased performance while reducing latency across entire ecosystem.

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. IoT (Internet of Things). Telecommunicat

Challenge - OT / ICS / Critical Infrastructure

Many Critical Infrastructure environments, both domestic and abroad, are challenged in securing their OT/ICS equipment and infrastructure assets due to their age, lack of compute resources, use of specialized protocols, and frequently - layers of compliance requirements. 


SOCKET provides an extremely fast process for exchanging encryption keys within the environment without requiring IT/Internet access and no burdensome certificates.


SOCKET is a cryptographic key-exchange mechanism designed for a variety of applications and provides hardened encryption security.  Instead of upgrading and replacing existing systems, a small XSOC "dongle" device is installed in front of components such as PLC's and HMI's which permits the communication of data across the enterprise in a completely secure manner.  


Our encryption, key exchange, and high-speed protocols can often be integrated as a bump-in-the-wire in many scenarios, saving valuable time, money, and resources, while immediately decreasing vulnerability and cyber risk via specialized attacks. We have also engineered customized “optimized” solutions specifically for these environments that work within existing compliance requirements that typically make security upgrades difficult for administrators.

Creative background, male hand holding a phone with a 5G hologram on the background of the

Challenge - Federal Government / Military Vertical

SOCKET (symmetric key exchange platform) has been extensively tested by the US ARMY, who confirmed the platform provided a reliable and secure approach using TLS to establish secure communication channels for distributing symmetric encryption keys generated by any symmetric cipher or cryptosystem.


SOCKET platform can be utilized via wired or wireless WiFi/5G networks and provide a high level of security in fully-closed ICS/Critical Infrastructure or fully-open Enterprise WAN environments.


DEVCOM analysis and review of SOCKET led to subsequent purchase of the XSOC Cryptosystem for additional use case testing and analysis.




OSI Model and XSOC CORP v2.png
OSI Model
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