XSOC CORP is the innovator and developer of extensible, Quantum-Safe cryptosystems, and symmetric encryption key transport. Our solutions are built to mitigate threats. We protect legacy environments with no rip and replace necessary while future-proofing you, your organization, and your customers entrusted data.

XSOC CORP technology is geared for many use cases. Examples include, defense, enterprise and industrial sectors. We provide cybersecurity encryption for voice, video, and data transfer. Supported environments may be with or without reliance on fixed infrastructure.

XSOC CORP provides licensable and OEM based network infrastructure components. Our technology is based on cutting edge Waveform Encryption that scales upward from 512-bit. We also provide a multi-channel symmetric key exchange platform. Our ground-breaking encryption, symmetric key-exchange, and encrypted broadcast transport protocols provide developers, manufacturers, and enterprise organizations the tools to replace outdated processes with lighter weight, faster, stronger, and more efficient protection methods.


XSOC CORP provides data protection resulting in a higher ROI by mitigating damage caused by data breaches before they happen. Implementing XSOC CORP Premium-Grade cybersecurity solutions will reduce your risks, operating costs, and regulatory compliance requirements in the event of a cyber-attack, ransomware demand, or data breach. 


XSOC Corp's leadership team includes experienced executives, cybersecurity experts, and related industry talent in: Government Agencies, Healthcare, ISP, Gaming, International Business, Accounting, Telecommunication, Cloud, Finance, General Government, and Technology.


Chief Executive Officer Richard Blech is an entrepreneur, investor and innovator. His primary business focus is on data security, technology and strategic alliances. 

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Michael is a technical and functional expert, focusing on high-performance architecture, data science, and enterprise cyber security.

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CFO Michael Rash is a trusted advisor in strategic planning, forecasting, financing, contract negotiation and key performance indicators across a vast range of industries.

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As VP of Enterprise Sales & Licensing, Ian is a passionate and driven sales leader who brings over 20 years of sales experience partnering with enterprise clients and global organizations.

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