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Safeguarding the World's Data: A New Solution to Data Security


The digital transformation has made sharing data necessary. It is digitalizing the workforce, making it more efficient, and has enhanced communication. It has also resulted in a lot more data being stored, processed, and moved back and forth around the world. In fact, 64.2ZB of data was created or reproduced in 2020. And all of that digital data is under constant threat.

Globally, there were 3,932 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2020. According to a study conducted by Ponemon Institute and IBM, the type of data that was most frequently compromised that year was customer’s personally identifiable information (PII). Consider just a few of the data breaches that have occurred so far in 2021. The data of 200 million LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook users were exposed as a result of an unsecured database. In April, the driver’s license numbers of an undisclosed number of Geico customers were stolen from the insurer’s website. The passenger data of multiple airlines, impacting at least 2.1 million passengers worldwide, are in the hands of hackers after global information technology company SITA suffered a data breach.

Data, whether it is in motion or being stored in a device, requires constant, vigilant layers of protection. A solid data privacy and security infrastructure across the entire IT stack and all platforms is needed not only to combat increasingly sophisticated threats, but to also adhere to increasingly stringent compliance regulations. Encryption and cryptographic technologies, like those offered by XSOC Corp, should be able to meet the current cyber threats and help establish a firm groundwork to battle those of the future.


XSOC CORP is a company that is at the forefront of cryptography development, improving core cryptography using hardcore cryptographic algorithms to address the vulnerabilities of modern cybersecurity solutions. The solutions we provide serve as alternatives to the dated PKI and can be applied to a number of use cases in industrial, military, commercial and financial industries. We leverage our expertise to create state-of-the-art, world-class security for emailing, file collaboration, radio communications, video conferencing and most other types of digital communications that are essential to business.

Our core competencies include:

High strength encryption

Algorithmic programming

Systems engineering


Training and education

We also understand how important it is that encryption and cryptography technology accommodate the needs of the organization so that the tools fit seamlessly into organizational/business workflows. Our technologies are designed so that organizations can implement them easily into their existing cybersecurity infrastructure. XSOC CORP components are typically no more difficult to install than a standard browser add-on or plug-in.

Organizations that are held to stringent data security and privacy requirements will have a clear strategic advantage using XSOC Corp solutions.


XSOC™ - eXtensible Secure Optimized Cryptosystem

XSOC is a hybrid symmetric encryption engine symmetric encryption engine that is deployed in the form of a minute “library” file. It is generally faster and stronger than many other types of symmetric encryption when used for long-term data archival and for streaming heavy-weight digital media.

SOCKET - Secure Omnichannel Continuous Key Exchange Transport

Occupying less than 1GB of OS RAM, this targeted cryptographic key-exchange mechanism provides hardened, real-time encryption for closed-circuit, limited-distance and ad-hoc network environments. It also provides a secure key-exchange infrastructure for permanent network environments. Key lengths are quantum safe, and an MFA component provides additional security. SOCKET enables low latency symmetric key exchange for environments in which SSL/TLS certificates are infeasible.

WAN-SOCKET - Wide Area Network-SOCKET

WAN-SOCKET is SOCKET on a global scale, providing end-to-end encryption that is intended to give users exclusive ownership of their data. WAN-SOCKET is specifically designed to be used for global networks, whether the network is public and or in a private cloud, adding a layer of security to cloud platforms. It can be used as a plug-in to implement encryption security for video conferencing, text-messaging and social media networks.

EBP™ - Encrypted Broadcast Protocol

EBP features high performance transmission speeds and 512-bit symmetric encryption security that does not require external SSL certificates. It can be easily integrated for almost any type of digital data transmission.

The tools used to protect digital data and communications matter. XSOC CORP technologies can help safeguard against data breaches whether they are caused by human error, system malfunctions or malicious actors. Contact us to learn how our solutions can match your organization’s needs.


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